Wanderlust by Jaimie L. Robertson



Fiction / Suspense
Trade Paperback
Publication Date: Jan-2003
Author: Jaimie L. Robertson
ISBN: 0-595-26887-0

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Jonas Uhrig is a wanderer. Something inside him will not let him be at peace. Along with his best friend, a border collie who has adopted Jonas, he travels the globe hunting down stories and searching for an answer to why he must stay on the move. When Jonas stumbles upon a series of brutal crimes spanning the entire North American continent, he notices a disturbing connection with his own travels. Now he must find the answer to why he is driven to wander.

As he searches for clues and hunts down the killer, Kate Barnett is searching for the same answers. They join forces to track the killer and soon notice that they are being tracked by a mysterious figure, Reamun, who could turn out to be their worst enemy or their greatest ally.

What other people are saying:

Robert John Burke, author of Welcome to Last Haven: And Other Tales of Science Fiction and Fantasy had this to say about Wanderlust:

"Wanderlust" reads like a cross between one of the Brendan Fraser "Mummy" movies and an occult mystery such as "Fallen," but with the addition of a cute dog. It centers on Jonas Uhrig, a likable crime reporter with a knack for stumbling onto murder scenes. The killer, who leaves an Egyptian symbol called the "Eye of Horus" as his calling card, seems to be following Jonas-- or is Jonas unwittingly following him? That's the question "Wanderlust" poses, and goes about answering in entertaining fashion.

Jaimie's got two things going for her as an author that I really admire: A knack for description, and an obvious love of research. She knows her subject, and Egyptian lore practically flows off the page. She really makes it interesting and draws you into the subject, even if (like me) you don't know a Hathor from a hole in the wall. The unlikeliest turns in the book seem reasonable, because it's clear the author knows her business. If she believes it, you believe it.

It is definitely an R-rated book, or even NC-17, in my opinion. More sensitive readers should beware. Everyone else, particularly those with an interest in Egyptian civilization and/or myth, should snag themselves a copy, because it's a very likeable read with great atmosphere and dialogue. And you'll love the dog.


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